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Fully Managed Packages that fit your Business...

Service Levels

Service Levels


  • Fully Proactive Managed and
    Monitored services covering:
    • Desktop Computers
    • Servers
    • Routers/Firewalls
  • Discounted Phone Support
  • Discounted hourly rate for On-site support


  • Includes Bronze Package
  • Discounted On-site support for issues not fixed over the phone
  • Web Content and Malware Filtering
  • Managed Anti-Virus for each Server and Desktop


  • Includes Silver Package
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited On-Site Support
  • Managed Cloud Backup of Servers
    • Managed Cloud Backups of Workstations available at a discounted rate


  • Includes Gold Package
  • 24/7 Network/Server monitoring
  • Virtual CIO
  • Project Planning
  • Datacenter Design
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
Latest News From the Blog

We Play Nice With IT Managers in the Orlando IT Support Sandbox!

We play nice with IT managers in the Orlando IT Support sandboxThe Importance of Playing Nice

Orlando IT support can have a certain cutthroat quality. There's so much competition that oftentimes IT support organizations in the region have a propensity to avoid cooperating with

local companies that have already sourced their own IT manager. While there may be a slight disconnect between operation and service protocols of a local manager and an outsourced IT manager, those differences aren't big enough to make working together impossible. It just requires flexibility. You'll know a good IT organization because it will have that flexibility. It will be able to transition through varying scenarios to properly provide clients services.

Why Talk to the CEO About IT Management?

It's not about having a bottom-line of profit for client acceptance, it's about providing the service clients need in a way which closely matches their own preferences. If you're looking for Orlando IT support and they seem willing at first, take some time to follow through and see if there are conditions. You may find that they're just waiting for a chance to talk with your CEO about outsourcing; there's a better chance they could sell this individual on the idea of their own outsourced solution. If this is known beforehand, it will help you avoid getting entangled with a group that may not have your best interests in mind. But if they're immediately willing to work with your IT manager on site, that's a very good sign.

Mutually Beneficial

It's very likely that a business with their own IT manager on-site is continuously working to consolidate operational resources for profitable expansion. This indicates foresight on their part. A reputable support firm will recognize this as an indicator of acumen in operation. Entering into a partnership with such an organization becomes mutually beneficial. As the business with foresight expands into profitability, the IT group that was willing to work with their on-site manager begins to play more integral roles within the company. It's a win-win scenario for everyone.

Scalable Services

Especially with regards to backup and recovery, which are integral expenses of the "overhead" variety, you're probably going to want both an on-site and off-site protocols in place. This provides multiple layers of protection. An outsourced IT support firm that works with your IT manager can come up with an option stronger than either alone. Whether your business is large or small, there should be support options available to you as the need for support arises. It's wise to facilitate your own IT solutions early on, as this will save money and resources. It will also give you intimate control over operations. But should you begin to be profitable as per your aims, expansion will eventually become necessary to some degree. Whether you need IT support to cover your needs between scaling, or are looking to permanently outsource certain protocols, the option you choose should be able to work with you. It's your business, after all!

An IT Support Group That Plays Nice

We at  IT Network Solutions Group learned to play nice when we were little; like folks should. And we still play nice today. Our services include:

•             Category based web filtering

•             Block SPAM/Malware

•             Bypass Blocked Pages With PIN

•             Email Filtering

•             Malicious Content Blocking

•             Cloud Backup

•             Encrypted Storage, HIPPA-compliant

•             Data Replication In Multiple Locations

Providing Orlando IT support that is flexible, scalable, and built on continuing relationship is an integral component of a mutually assured benefit between an IT support firm and its clients. This also provides both parties greater propensity for effective operations than either could have independently. With ITNS, you can get the best of both worlds.

Managed Services Individual Services Available

Content Filtering

Provides safer, faster, and more reliable internet connectivity

  • Category based web filtering
  • Ability to bypass blocked pages with PIN
  • Malicious Content Blocking

Pricing starts at $2/user per month

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Email Filtering

Gives you control of your mailbox

  • Block SPAM and Malware
  • User controlled Quarantine
  • Block any email with one click without leaving your inbox

Pricing starts at $4/user per month

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Cloud Backup

Provides a no overhead solution for offsite backup

  • Fully managed and maintained backup solution
  • HIPAA compliant and encrypted storage
  • Data replicated across multiple locations

Pricing starts at $50/month for 50GB of storage

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