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Fully Managed Packages that fit your Business...

Service Levels

Service Levels


  • Fully Proactive Managed and
    Monitored services covering:
    • Desktop Computers
    • Servers
    • Routers/Firewalls
  • Discounted Phone Support
  • Discounted hourly rate for On-site support


  • Includes Bronze Package
  • Discounted On-site support for issues not fixed over the phone
  • Web Content and Malware Filtering
  • Managed Anti-Virus for each Server and Desktop


  • Includes Silver Package
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited On-Site Support
  • Managed Cloud Backup of Servers
    • Managed Cloud Backups of Workstations available at a discounted rate


  • Includes Gold Package
  • 24/7 Network/Server monitoring
  • Virtual CIO
  • Project Planning
  • Datacenter Design
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
Latest News From the Blog

Does Your IT Outsourcing Provider in Orlando Have Enough 'Bandwidth'?

Multitasking IT provider in OrlandoTake a moment and think about your IT outsourcing provider in Orlando. Are they performing up to speed with your business' needs? Are they acting in accordance with your contract and partnership? Do they have enough 'bandwidth' to keep up with your business' requirements? If not, you may need to look elsewhere.

Some IT businesses in Orlando will attempt to appear superior, boasting superb services. This may or may not end up being a farce, but the only way to find out truly is to do your research on these businesses.

Once again, ask yourself -- does your current IT provider in Orlando have enough bandwidth, productivity and loyalty? If not, continue reading!

Some IT Businesses Mask Their Integrity

As unfortunate as that is, quite a few IT businesses will mask their integrity, meaning you could end up signing a contract with someone working out of their basement. While this venture could possibly --albeit very rarely -- be a good thing, in most cases it won't be. If your IT outsourcing provider in Orlando does not have enough bandwidth, you may be working with a shady business, masking the truth.

So, if you ask a consultant for an IT business you're looking into about what they may offer in terms of their bandwidth and everything sounds well and good, you may want to ask for more information. Determining if an IT firm is legit may or may not be an easy task for some, so here's a short list to aid those who may not know what to look out for:

  • Be sure to verify all of the consultant's claims.
  • If possible, visit their office and meet some of their employees.
  • Check their references and if you can, give them a test assignment!

Having Trouble? Here's A Local Solution:

In the end, this can be a challenging task, and not many businesses may have the time to perform these options and simply need to recruit a trustworthy provider. A wonderful solution to quell these troubles may possibly be found within ITNS, or IT Network Solutions Group!

Here at IT Network Solutions Group, we are able to provide quality and efficient IT services, and outsourcing for business' in need. We provide a choice of four service packages, ranging from Bronze to Silver, and Gold to Platinum, allowing businesses to select what services they precisely need.

The concern over an MSP having enough bandwidth will never be an issue with ITNS. We take the greatest pride in our services, and are confident enough to provide our clients with up to three months to cancel our services, should they find them unsatisfactory.

If you're looking for a quality IT outsourcing business in Orlando, ITNS will always be available to provide assistance. Our mission is to play nice and provide top notch services to our clients. If you are interested, please visit our site to learn more about us.

Managed Services Individual Services Available

Content Filtering

Provides safer, faster, and more reliable internet connectivity

  • Category based web filtering
  • Ability to bypass blocked pages with PIN
  • Malicious Content Blocking

Pricing starts at $2/user per month

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Email Filtering

Gives you control of your mailbox

  • Block SPAM and Malware
  • User controlled Quarantine
  • Block any email with one click without leaving your inbox

Pricing starts at $4/user per month

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Cloud Backup

Provides a no overhead solution for offsite backup

  • Fully managed and maintained backup solution
  • HIPAA compliant and encrypted storage
  • Data replicated across multiple locations

Pricing starts at $50/month for 50GB of storage

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