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Top Features of Windows 11 Business Users Should Know

Whether you are excited about the new update or not, you should be curious enough to want to find out how the new Windows will affect your business.
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Top Features of Windows 11 Business Users Should Know

Microsoft has made an early build of its next version of Windows OS available for download. The new OS is presented as the next generation of Windows that brings many new features and a stunning futuristic user interface. Whether you are excited about the new update or not, you should be curious enough to want to find out how the new Windows will affect your business.

There is a lot of hype about the new version of Windows. However, the fact that it is built on the stability of Windows 10 is a big relief for many users. Hence, more focus is on the new features and user experience the operating system brings.

Microsoft has built Windows 11 to keep up with demand from users despite promising in 2015 that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows ever. Businesses have been at the forefront of driving Microsoft’s expansion, and the new operating system is agile to cater to the modern business. You should also expect a closer integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams fronted as Microsoft’s preferred video and messaging channel.

It is a big relief that Windows 11 will be a free update for Windows 10 users. We will probably see a few public betas before the final version is rolled out. Please note that the final product may be noticeably different from the beta versions.

Read on to know the five most interesting features Windows 11 will bring and see whether you will upgrade when it is publicly released in the holidays.

A New Microsoft Store

Microsoft has overhauled its store and made much-awaited improvements in how it presents its apps. There are many speed improvements and UI changes. The store can now accommodate more apps, including those from other app stores. Businesses that rely on third-party apps may have an easier time integrating them with other apps on the Microsoft Windows 11 platform.

The Microsoft Store has been changed to be a traditional desktop apps store. As a result, any app that runs on the Windows operating system will be readily available on the store with the new version of Windows.

Microsoft Store has never been anyone’s favorite because it is always sluggish and has limited apps. The mean and rigid clunky experience of the Microsoft Store may be a thing of the past. The new store was built from the ground up and can now host apps created by independent developers for Win32, Electron, .NET, Xamarin, UWP, Java, React Native, and Android, among others.

Support for Android Apps

One of the major highlights of Windows 11 is that it can run Android apps natively. For now, Microsoft has a deal to integrate the Amazon App Store on the Windows Store. Current builds of Windows 11 do not have Android app support, but Microsoft has confirmed that future builds will offer the option to install Android Apps.

The new platform also promises to make it easy for developers and businesses to sideload Android APKs on their Windows 11 PCs. This will significantly impact how companies manage their apps as they can develop and quickly run apps that streamline their operations.

All computers capable of running Windows 11 will run Android apps, irrespective of the processor technology. Businesses that have invested in either Intel or AMD processors may not need to build separate apps for PCs or Windows endpoints.

Revamped Settings App

For the first time since it released Windows 10, Microsoft has completely redesigned the Settings app. In all the previous versions of Windows, Settings has been a menu option tucked away and hidden from the user. Windows 11 has a new Settings app from scratch, inspired by mobile apps and optimized for tablets and desktops.

Microsoft hopes that the new Settings app is friendly enough to encourage ordinary users to find solutions to problems they may face while using their computers. The static sub-menus and a fixed left pane make navigation around settings and troubleshooting easier. The settings page is also expandable to offer more clarity on settings items.

The redesign of how the user adjusts device settings is a welcome addition to Windows system management. The user can now personalize windows themes or adjust system performance to save battery right from the settings menu. If you are wondering, yes, the Control Panel is still included in Windows 11.

Faster and Frequent Windows Updates

One aspect of computing that Microsoft is focusing on while preparing Windows 11 is security. The company hopes to make its platform more secure by rolling out faster updates more regularly.

Microsoft has promised that updates on Windows 11 will be as much as 40% smaller to make the update process more efficient. Its background installation feature is also nifty enough to complete updates and schedule restarts without inconveniencing the user.

All versions of Windows are plagued by viruses and malware problems. With Windows 11, Microsoft is taking a bold step in fighting this problem with a new Sandbox that makes it easier to run suspicious apps and app updates safely in isolation. The Sandbox is a part of Windows and was first rolled out with Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Edition.

Widgets are Back

Microsoft has gone all-in on mobile-driven design for its next generation of desktop OS. Having learned its lesson with the failure of Windows 8 tiles, it has now turned its attention to Widgets. These are customizable transparent spaces that display all kinds of information.

Widgets can be customized to show all kinds of information, from stock market prices and the latest news to online collaboration spaces. If the Widgets become a thing, they may find a home in tablets that run Windows because they can be easily adjusted to fit a part of or the whole screen.

Windows 11 Support Across Florida

By offering Windows 11 as a free update, Microsoft will eventually require everyone to upgrade to its new OS. If your business uses Microsoft apps or you use Microsoft Windows, it is never too early to learn what the new update brings. Schedule a free consultation with IT Network Solutions today to discover how you can get your business ready for Windows 11.