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Switching IT Companies In Sarasota

Thinking of switching IT companies in Sarasota? ITNS has put together some simple to follow steps to help you make your switch easy.
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How Hard Is It To Switch IT Companies?

The reason that you are here maybe because you are not happy with your current IT company, and you are contemplating seeking another service provider. It’s either you have found a new supplier or, like most executives out there, you are stranded on how to begin.

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This article delves into the intricacies of switching IT companies, the dos, and don’ts. We also give you a comprehensive chronology of the standard IT migration procedure. Also, learn how IT Network Solutions Group can help you make the process stress-free.

But first, what is your reason for seeking a new service provider?

Why Do You Want To Switch IT Companies?

With the Coronavirus forcing several companies to allow their employees to work from home, the demand for quality IT support has increased. You probably realized, thanks to Coronavirus, that your current IT service provider is not up to the task.

You can decide to change IT companies for very many different reasons:

  • When your current IT service provider acts in breach of your IT support contract: This could be in terms of failure to provide the services you contracted them to offer. Some crude suppliers usually promise what they cannot fulfill. In some circumstances, the IT company may hike prices without prior notice or proper explanation. An IT service provider who decides to nickel and dime you does so against your SLAs.
  • When your IT Company can no longer serve your IT needs: Your business could be scaling and migrating to the clouds, but the IT company is only offering traditional on-site software and hardware support. Or maybe you lost confidence in their ability to guarantee your networks’ security.
  • Also, common is when the service bill becomes too high to bear: this is coupled with little or no ROI to substantiate the investment. Perhaps you found a better deal somewhere. There may not be much of a difference in prices, but at least you are sure there are no hidden charges, and you are guaranteed increased business value.

You should be very cautious when switching IT companies. And even extra careful where such switches may sanction the application of a breaking clause. If you are considering being the one to break the contract mid-way, then at least be sure that the breaking fee is not overburdening to your company.

Safety Precautions When Switching IT Companies

Do not underestimate the danger of an aggrieved IT support company. Because honestly, no service provider is happy when their partners are leaving them for their competitions. Remember, they have complete access to everything in your network. Although it is not common for IT companies to go rogue with their former clients’ systems, there is no danger in taking precautions.

  • The First Thing to Do Is to Find a Dependable Replacement: Never make the mistake of disengaging your current contract until you have another service provider in Place.
  • Demand Full Administrative Access to Everything in Your Network: A lot of times, this move raises suspicion. But, the fact that you fear they might interfere with your files on learning that you are migrating makes it even more critical that you should have admin access. Who knows what your current supplier may decide to do with your files when they catch wind of your planned migration? Having all logins enables you to monitor whatever is going on in your networks during the transitioning.
  • Once You Have Unabated Access, Backup Your Files: Not once or twice have firms totally misplaced essential pieces of information as they are switching from one IT company to the other. Depending on how amicably you agreed on breaking the contract with your former supplier, they may decide to interfere with your documents as a comeback.
  • The Next Step Is to Have Your New IT Support Firm Carry Out an Exhaustive Review of Your Systems: Instruct them to be especially keen on cybersecurity issues. Any backdoors should be patched and malicious feeds expunged immediately.
  • Inform and Seek the Goodwill of Other Staff in the Company: One thing you must have noticed is that IT projects are bound to fail if they lack the support of other departments. Tell them about the new IT company, its engagement policies and protocols, and the roles you would like them to play towards the success of the intended shift.

You can then proceed to tell your current service provider of your planned migration. If the exit clause stipulates that you must pay a breaking fee, ensure it’s not too high. It breaks no bones to wait a little longer if a colossal fine is imminent.

Most organizations forget to change their passwords after the switch. It is only natural to expect that some malicious characters from your previous IT support company will try to access your systems using old credentials. There is no limit as to what they can do with your files.

Looking for the Safest Way to Switch IT Companies?

Always remember that what determines the success and safety of any IT migration process is the capacity of your new service provider.

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