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Microsoft Office Lens – A Scanner In Your Pocket!

Technological innovations help users solve everyday problems. This article acquaints you with Microsoft Office Lens — a program that enables you to capture writings, such as those on boards, receipts, and documents, and edit them on your device.
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Microsoft Office Lens – A Scanner In Your Pocket!

Technological innovations help users solve everyday problems. This article acquaints you with Microsoft Office Lens — a program that enables you to capture writings, such as those on boards, receipts, and documents, and edit them on your device.

Your business faces various hurdles. Developers try to help your business by creating programs that can help you solve these challenges. Companies that use these innovations can optimize their operations and reduce costs.

One challenge that businesses may face is how to capture and edit writings on documents, boards, or receipts.

The traditional approach of writing everything down means you have a lot of files, use a lot of time, and spend to get writing materials and books. This method is a nuisance to companies that need every employee to capture or edit the writings.

Clients ask IT Network Solutions Group how they could capture and edit writings. IT Network Solutions Group provides business IT solutions and IT services. This article will familiarize you with Microsoft Office Lens and how it can help your organization.

Watch our recent video on the topic to learn more about Microsoft Office Lens:

What Is Microsoft Office Lens?

Microsoft Office Lens is a program that enables users to capture, trim, enhance, and make images of documents and boards readable. One can use it to convert pictures to Word, PDF, or PowerPoint files and save them on local storage, OneDrive, or OneNote.

Having Microsoft Office Lens is like having a scanner in your pocket. It digitizes business cards, receipts, sticky notes, documents, and notes on boards. The program enables you to write ideas on boards during a meeting, and your staff will capture a copy of the ideas that they can edit.

Do You Need Microsoft Office Lens?

You may need Microsoft Office Lens if you:

  • Need to capture and share images of ideas shared in meetings and written in boards with your staff
  • Want to search for words in printed or handwritten text, copy and edit them
  • Need digital copies of business cards, receipts, posters, or printed documents that you can trim

Requirements for Microsoft Office Lens: Microsoft Office Lens works on most devices with iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. You can get it on the Microsoft App Store or Google Play Store. It is a free program.

How Does Microsoft Office Lens Work?

Once you download the program and give it access to your camera, you can use it to capture images that you can edit by following these steps.

  • Choose What to Capture: Open the program and select a capture mode. Swipe right or left near the bottom of your screen to choose Business Card, Photo, Whiteboard, or Document.
  • Photo: ideal for capturing pictures of scenery or people.
  • Whiteboard: ideal for capturing images of handwritten sketches and notes on a dry erase board. The program optimizes the brightness of the board such that you can see the ink strokes.
  • Business card: this mode is perfect for capturing pictures of contact information on business cards.
  • Document: ideal for capturing tiny words written or typed on a note or page. You can also use it for capturing receipts, forms, restaurant menus, and posters.
  • Take a Picture: You can take a new picture or import an image from your device.
  • To take a picture: point your camera at the item and ensure the orange frame in your camera outlines the section you want to capture. The program’s settings allow the flash to go off automatically, but you can alter this permission by tapping the Flash icon found in the top right corner of the window. Tap the Camera button to take the picture.
  • To import an existing image: tap the Picture button at the bottom left corner of the Office Lens capture screen. You navigate to the folder with the image you want and tap the picture to import it to Office Lens. Change the image you captured or imported by tapping the back button in the upper left corner of your screen and tap Discard image.
  • Review and Edit: You may edit the image before saving it. Tap icons in the top right corner to edit or adjust the image. Many editing options are available, including the ability to rotate, crop, or annotate the picture with the pen or text.
  • Save and Share: You can save the image in local storage, OneDrive, or OneNote. If you want it as a PDF file, you can select the option. Check the options you want and tap Save.

Use the Word option if you want to apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the captured image. The program creates a Word file for your OneDrive account, which extracts all legible texts in your image.

You can save images captured in the Business Card mode as a vCard by taping OneNote (Contact + Image).

What Are The Benefits of Microsoft Office Lens?

Enjoy these benefits of Microsoft Office Lens:

  • You will not misplace your files as they will not be in the usual leaflets, which are easy to misplace.
  • OneDrive, OneNote, and local storage are convenient. You will no longer need cabinets to store files or other records.
  • Edit ideas on boards or other items and make them presentable.
  • You will save resources, such as money and time, as you will capture, edit and store your files or notes via the program.
  • Keep track of accurate records without spelling or typing errors. You can store everything as you capture them or edit them to have the accuracy you need.

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