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Managed IT Services

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IT Network Solutions Group Keeps Tabs On All Your IT Infrastructure When We Offer Managed IT Services

We make sure that web filtering and antivirus software remain updated on your machines, and protect you from cyberattacks.

Sugar Orthopaedics has been with this company from our inception. We have always had professional, courteous and prompt service 24/7. All of the technicians have been their for us from day one and will continue with us for a long time to come, God willing! Jimmy Zehner and IT Network Solutions is the only call and contract to establish with sooner than later.

Stephanie L. Sugar

Managed IT Services

Why Choose Managed IT Services

In terms of break/fix vs. managed services, we can do a lot more if it’s a managed contract. Our managed IT services in Florida ensure that nothing harmful happens in your machines or servers. If a break/fix customer calls to report a bug with their server, the best we can do is try to assess or figure out the issue.

We’ll also charge onsite and remote support by the hour for such clients. Our goal is to help people, and we’ll only bill you after resolution. On the other hand, with a managed contract, we already know what is going on and can prevent anything nefarious from happening.

Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Services

Outsourcing helps you budget well as you can introduce variable costs and reduce labor costs. Our managed IT services come with years of experience, meaning that we can quickly identify IT gaps and provide accurate solutions. We’ll also take the burden of running robust IT systems from your shoulders, helping you increase your efficiency and competitiveness.

Our specialists help you keep pace with emerging technologies while reducing risks with specific industry knowledge in security and compliance matters. Overall, we allow you to focus solely on your core business as we handle the complex IT decisions.

Our Packages

With only the bronze package, clients can receive all our software and hardware services. These services include;

  • Web-content filtering
  • Virus software
  • System backups
  • Email monitoring

We also offer discounted rates whenever there’s an issue for us to help you out, whether onsite or remote. If you are a silver, we’ll include the remote support. We won’t charge you anytime you call in, and we cover everything that we can help you with on the phone and remotely in the contract.

If you want gold, we include onsite support for your contract. There is a charge for emergencies and after-hours help for these packages. For the platinum clients, however, we offer 24 /7 support. We have the resources and connections to provide disaster recovery planning and virtual CIO services for clients who need them.

Email Monitoring

Hackers can get your emails and passwords, then log in to your systems. They use this information to create rules that move your inbox mails into theirs, enabling them to track your emails. With our IT managed services in Florida, an administrator receives alerts every time someone changes the rules. We’ll be able to assess the changes and find out if it raises any cause for alarm.

Cybersecurity Services

There is a growing demand for IT security assistance among many clients. We partner with security vendors to provide cybersecurity services, ensuring that your files and data are not accessible to unauthorized people. Our managed IT services in Florida also include cloud services that keep your operations up and running 24/7.

Make a Difference with Managed IT Services

Based on our 50+ plus years of experience in the IT sector, we strive to offer honest assessments and recommendations to our clients. Our IT specialists seek information about what your practice looks like then provide customized solutions to fit your specific needs. Small and medium enterprises in the law and healthcare sectors can count on us to grow their business.