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IT Support In Orlando

When you need IT Support, it’s easy to pick the first guy that comes through the door. I mean, all IT supports are the same.

Well, yes and no.

Yes, the IT industry is governed by best practices and existing SOPs, but that does not mean everybody knows or practices them. In fact, many IT support companies prey upon the cluelessness of business owners and operate in bad faith.

That’s why it’s not rare for business owners to get burned from time to time. Often turning them into naysayers. But even if you hate IT support companies, you know you need them. A business without proper IT support is a disaster waiting to happen.

Let’s try to answer who offers the best IT support in Orlando, FL, and how can you be sure that they are the perfect fit for your company? What should you be expecting from them, and how can they make your business better? Let’s start.

What Makes An IT Support Company Good?

Is it the client testimonials?

Maybe their presentation?

How about their awe-inspiring website?

What makes an IT support company or agency good can differ from person to person, but you should be looking out for a few things if you are a business owner. After all, you wouldn’t want your business to be handled by a team of second-rate IT practitioners who are just in it for the next paycheck.

Should be Able to Show Proof of Past Work

When an IT company is confident enough with the work they have been giving their past and current clients, they won’t hesitate to showcase them. Many fly-by-nights IT companies may approach you bearing sweet words about how they can help you and your business, but it will be hard to believe them if they can’t show you what they have done in the past.

Sure, there’s a possibility that they are new and they are still looking for their first client, but they should still have something to show you that will convince you that they have actually done similar work in the past. It will be a big plus if they have worked with a company with a similar business as yours.

Should Be Flexible with their Methodologies

Not all businesses are the same. It’s simply irresponsible to believe that a blanket approach to IT support will be enough for all kinds of businesses from different industries. Orlando’s best IT support should be flexible enough (and proactive enough) to prepare an industry or business-specific IT support approach fit for your business.

The differences might be small, or you may not even notice them as much, but the fact that they are willing to accommodate changes or adjustments to ensure the strategy is exactly what your business needs will tell you a lot about how they run their business.

Should Be Able to Answer Your Questions

A lot of business owners make the silly mistake of not asking questions when getting IT support. It does not matter if the questions sound dumb or make you look clueless. Any good IT support company understands that IT as a discipline can be quite confusing to many people. Not only should they be able to answer your questions, but they should also be able to answer them in a way that you can easily understand them. It’s easy to bombard people with jargon and terminologies that will go over their heads. Still, if they can easily explain firewalls, penetration testing, or cloud computing in a way that you can easily understand, then they should be a good candidate.

Knowing they can explain things to you so that you, as the customer, can actually understand high-level stuff shows that the agency knows IT inside and out. This is important because, in times when stress levels are high, you need a partner who can explain the situation to you to calm you down to plan your next moves properly.

Should Have Experience in the Software Your Business is Using

Another common mistake some business owners make is hiring an IT support company without knowing first if they are familiar with the software the business uses. You must identify the top applications or software that are critical to your business and make sure that the IT support agency has had experience or is at least knowledgeable about the items on the list.

It will be hard for businesses that use custom applications or software to find an IT support company that will be confident in supporting a custom app. At the very least, they should understand how the software works, what the usual concerns are, and be able to triage and troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Should Be Able to Support Your Organization

It’s easy to fall in love with your local, home-grown team of IT experts. It’s your garage business kind of story, and we really would want to root for the guys who strive hard. But reality can be a little less supportive of these kinds of agencies. A smaller team means they will have fewer people who can handle concerns. They would be great for a team of 5 to 10 people, but if you have 50+ employees with twice as many devices running within your network – a small team can’t handle it.

Make sure you mention how big your organization is and ask whether they can support such a group. While they may give you a confident answer, make sure to ask them to write down the details – how many people do they have, how big are their data servers, how likely can they send over a team to do in-premise support if needed. These things will matter in the long run as you scale your business.

Should Be Able to Offer a Scaling Service

It’s normal for businesses to scale as soon as they see the opportunity. The best IT Support in Orlando should assist the process by providing expert suggestions and continuous IT support for the business. It’s also not unusual for IT support companies to provide their clients with a strategy or scaling plan. This way, clients know and understand what they need on the IT side of things they plan to branch out or scale.

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