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  • Does Your Current IT Support Provider in Naples Give Unbiased Advice?

    Does Your Current IT Support Provider in Naples Give Unbiased Advice?

    IT support provider NaplesThe Vendor/IT Relationship

    IT support in Naples is going to have a multifaceted nature to it. Certainly, IT organizations offering regular services will ultimately be able to get the job done, come what may; but sometimes that involves bringing in additional specialists who work specifically in a certain category. A programmer is going to have different facilities than a technical person who specializes in physically constructing mainframes. Certainly, there's crossover between both; but professionally, there are going to be avenues where techs have gone further one direction than the other. Some issues you experience within your business may never require anything more than traditional services. But sometimes, there are measures which require specialization.

    Now these specialists are oftentimes called "vendors". They are a service vendor; they simply vend one kind of service. In order to promote their own brand, vendors who work with IT companies will attend conventions and the like and advertise to those IT services companies. This makes it much more likely that they'll receive work. Like an auto mechanic's shop that specializes in alignment for newer vehicles will send you to a services provider specializing in older vehicles should your car not be within their ken, an IT group will work with multiple specialized vendors. In order to keep lines of business open, vendors will give these IT groups kickbacks and other incentives. Sometimes there are even entertainment scenarios taking place. This builds loyalty between IT support providers and vendors such that sometimes a support provider will recommend a vendor to a client when the client doesn't really need those services.

    Transcending Bias

    IT support in Naples operating from a loyalty bias isn't going to be either as comprehensive, effective, or necessary as it is sold to be. Granted, virtually all IT support organizations require the support of a vendor in some capacity. The difference is, a trustworthy IT support group won't accept any entertainment, kickbacks, or other incentives. Instead, they'll recommend services to clients based on client needs.

    Indications your IT support group is offering the right kind of service, and isn't giving in to any incentives, include:

    • 100% unbiased vendor acquisition
    • Solutions that are fully tested prior vendor notification
    • Refusal to accept vendor incentives

    Local Options

    As business technology becomes more central to operations, you're going to need the support of organizations who understand the importance of maintaining a client relationship that is built on customer service, trust, and professional solutions that work.

    IT support in Naples that works with vendors and clients to the mutual benefit of all can be found. Such support solutions are going to have a variety of services that follow cutting-edge trends, and are concerned with offering straightforward technical facilitation. Look for the IT business that is concerned not with providing the services that will make them the most money, or appease the most vendors with whom they're associated. Look for the IT support organization that works to provide you the best possible solution based on your needs; not based on pleasing vendor "friends".

    We at ITNSgroup.comare concerned with providing our clients the best possible service options. From customer service to cutting-edge IT solutions, as well as completely unbiased vendor cooperation that operates without any incentives, ITNS continuously strives to provide trustworthy technical solutions. 

  • We'll Face Anything to Provide Amazing IT Support in Fort Myers!


    We'll Face Anything to Provide Amazing IT Support in Fort Myers!

    We will face anything Find Technical Support That Is Also Customer Service

    IT support in Fort Myers will come from two families of service. One family will have your best interests at heart, the other will have your wallet beneath ambitious crosshairs.

    Look at it this way: almost everyone's been to a mechanic. Your vehicle breaks down and you take it in for service. If you've chosen the right place, the tech tells you what's wrong, how it can be fixed, if there are any "workarounds" applicable -- all the features of good service. If you've been to a mechanic who doesn't value customer service, he'll throw down a costly, ironclad solution, then stick to it doggedly. It's almost like it's "you" against "them". And if you refuse service in the end, they charge you a consultation fee not initially mentioned. The bad mechanic isn't interested in your wellbeing; they're interested in your money.

    When you consider technical support, why should you expect there to be a different arrangement? Some solutions are genuinely concerned about your business's wellbeing; some are just after your checkbook. The latter category will have distant technicians that know nothing of customer service, and seem to have a real problem dealing with people. But the former, customer service oriented IT provider will produce technicians who simultaneously function as customer support personnel. They guide you through the process as far as you wish to be guided.

    Certainly some clients simply trust technicians to do their work, and ask no questions; but should you have any, a customer service oriented tech will work with you to find the best solution for your business. This could mean working "outside the box" of established solutions to a degree. It could involve certain systems upgrades, or even downgrades should redundant infrastructure be undermining your operations. In the end, it's human-centric.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Customers who are truly taken care of by the IT support in Fort Myers they've chosen, are more likely to continue using that service. It is to the benefit of an IT group that clients be aptly satisfied. Exceeding expectations is often the goal, in fact. Such organizations will hire technicians on the basis of their people skills and tenacity in addition to their technical acumen. Their personnel will be passionate, willing to work despite almost any conceivable danger. If your servers were some conglomeration of science fiction tropes in an underwater cave surrounded by sharks, these technicians would don a wet-suit and scuba-gear, then dive deep with some futuristic sonic screwdriver to get the job done.

    That's the kind of drive, determination, and attitude the right IT company looks for -- and finds -- in its techs. Any IT person will tell you: there's a passion to the work rivaling that surrounding artistry. For them, customer service isn't just good business, it's the right thing to do.

    Services To Expect From The Right IT Group

    Some provisions you can expect from an organization offering IT support in Fort Myers include:

    • Content Filtering
    • Cloud Backup
    • Email Filtering
    • Affordable Services Pricing Packages
    • Multiple Location Data Replication
    • Category-Based Web Filtering
    • HIPPA-Compliant Encrypted Storage

    We at IT Network Solutions Group will not hire a technician if they don't have requisite customer services skills. Offering all the listed services, and more, we tailor our support to match client needs, exceed expectations, and continuously deliver customer service oriented quality.


  • Who Answers the Phone When You Call Your IT Consulting Firm in Fort Myers?

    Who Answers the Phone When You Call Your IT Consulting Firm in Fort Myers?

    Who answers the phoneHow often do you call for help from your IT consulting service in Fort Myers? The answer to this important question really depends on the type of business you run. However, regardless of whether you call once a day or once a month, being able to speak with a person who can immediately help with your situation is important.

    Think about the last call you made to your IT service provider? Who answered the phone? No one? A receptionist? If this is the case, it means you are waiting around for a return call from the service you pay good money for.

    The Struggle of Reaching an IT Tech

    The fact is, the majority of times a business calls an IT consulting service in the Fort Myers area, they aren’t going to hear anyone’s voice on the other end of the line. They have to leave a message and hope for a returned call in a timely manner.

    If by some miracle someone does answer the phone, it is usually only the receptionist. This person acts as a buffer between you and the actual IT tech who can help you solve the technical issues you have. In this scenario, they are likely just going to take down your information and contact number and have a tech return your call at some point later on that day -- hopefully.

    Finding a Quality IT Tech Support Team

    The very best IT consulting services in Fort Myers have a hotline where you can get a tech on the phone, right away. This means no waiting whatsoever. The problem is, finding the IT support firm that offers this type of high-level support. In fact, this quality customer service is almost as difficult to find as a needle in a haystack.

    There is good news. If you put in a bit of time, effort, and patience, you can get these high-quality companies to come to you. Put out the “feelers” that you are searching for a new tech support service. Those that have excellent customer service often catch wind of this and can propose an offer. Keep in mind, in a quality company, this level of customer service doesn’t come with an increased price tag. This means you can easily get the service you want and deserve, without having to break your IT support budget.


    If your current IT tech support consultant is not offering quality customer service and the ability to speak to an IT tech right away, then making a change is the next, logical step. The good news is you have found the website of an IT consultant that provides instant access to the techs you need to speak with. Our IT consulting service in Fort Myers puts you and your business first. At IT Network Solutions Group, each of our techs is ready and available to answer any questions you may have. We can help ensure all your IT issues are handled in a timely and efficient manner.