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Cloud Desktops: Making the Switch for Florida Companies

Cloud desktops are similar to physical computers except that they are accessible anywhere. Learn more on how cloud desktops work.
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Cloud Desktops: Making the Switch for Florida Companies

Cloud desktops are on the rise for companies globally. A cloud desktop holds the same concept as a physical computer — except your ‘computer’ is hosted as a data center and delivered to any local device you are using over the internet. Essentially, cloud desktops are accessible anywhere, making them the ideal technology solution for businesses.

Here at ITNS, we believe in empowering businesses with the right IT solutions. Read on to learn the benefits of moving your business’s data to a cloud desktop and why companies in Florida should consider managed cloud services.

But first, let’s discuss how cloud desktops work.

Understanding Cloud Desktops

A cloud desktop, also known as a virtual desktop, essentially works the same as a standard computer desktop. The main difference is that all information is accessed through a different device such as a tablet. When you power up your device, you are presented with all files and applications that you need to utilize.

Additionally, unlike a traditional desktop computer, your information will not be stored on a hard drive. All settings, data, and the operating system will be delivered over the internet. This means that you and your employees can access their cloud desktop from any internet-enabled device to improve work productivity.

5 Benefits of a Cloud Desktop for Florida Businesses

Cloud desktops can greatly improve the security and efficiency of your Florida business. Here are 5 benefits of moving your data to a cloud desktop.

Workplace Flexibility

One of the greatest aspects of a cloud desktop is improved workplace flexibility. With desktops hosted virtually, you and your employees can access information regardless of location and device.

This increased flexibility in the workplace can certainly improve productivity, increase collaboration, and boost employee morale. Additionally, workplace flexibility translates well in terms of business revenue as business operations can perform more efficiently overall and continue to meet the demands of the company even while on-the-go.

Decreased Security Risks

Another benefit of cloud desktops is the significant decrease risk of security breaches. This is something especially important for businesses as they continue to grow and cybersecurity becomes a larger concern.

Businesses are profitable targets for cyberattacks — and a single attack can quickly become costly for your company. Not forgetting to mention, cyberattacks can potentially harm your company’s reputation and impact revenue.

Cloud desktops play a central role in improving your company’s overall security. This is because all critical data will be stored in a central system, making it easier to monitor and update security software as needed.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Like cybersecurity, disaster recovery is an essential part of IT management. Unfortunately, many businesses that don’t have a recovery plan in place never recover from it. This leads to all sorts of problems for businesses and can even threaten the longevity of the company.

With that said, moving data to a cloud desktop is a crucial step in ensuring your business doesn’t fall prey to complete data loss. With physical desktops, businesses have to worry about data that might be lost or damaged. However, cloud desktops provide a centralized location where data is safe and backed up regularly.

Efficient and Quick Troubleshooting

Technology doesn’t come without its issues. But most businesses can’t afford to deal with long-term IT issues that affect operations. Unexpected IT problems drive productivity down in the workplace and can essentially cause operations to be put on pause.

In a traditional setting, finding an IT solution can be a process. Let’s take a look at an example. A business with a traditional desktop setup has a software problem. This usually leads to a service ticket, then an IT call, and finally a solution. Unfortunately, this process can take more time than a business can afford.

The easy solution for Florida businesses is a cloud desktop. With your data hosted in the cloud, businesses can troubleshoot once for a universal solution. This doesn’t just decrease time spent on troubleshooting, it ensures business operations continue to flow and can save businesses on the cost associated with individual IT fixes.

Efficient Updating

One of the amazing things about technology is that it’s diverse. But with diversity means that it’s likely you and your employees are using different operating systems and app versions.

For instance, some employees might prefer Mac computers while managers might prefer working on a PC. At the same time, the need for tablets and phones to conduct business is on the rise as more companies are leveraging the remote workspace and on-the-go business in general.

So how can you ensure that everyone is working with the latest versions of their technology? The short answer is with a cloud desktop. Virtual desktops make it easy for businesses to keep everyone in-sync by updating operating systems and apps in a centralized location — no matter what device is used.

ITNS for Managed Cloud Services

Having the right IT support is crucial for business success. At ITNS we provide our clients with managed cloud services to help improve business efficiency and growth.

With managed cloud services, businesses in Florida can significantly improve their company’s security and privacy. A compromise of data can be a huge risk for businesses. It doesn’t just leave a stigma on your business’s reputation, but it can affect your company’s ability to stay up and running. At ITNS, we can integrate antivirus software to increase the security of your sensitive data, which will ultimately mitigate risks associated with data breaches.

Along with this, we can help you develop an efficient disaster recovery plan by managing your cloud backups, which ensures that your data is always secure in the event there is a compromising issue.

Another reason to consider managed cloud service is that it gives your business the flexibility to focus on other responsibilities. Ultimately, a cloud service will focus on all of your IT hosting and infrastructure needs, which ensures that your data is always available, your business’s technology is always reliable, and that you and your employees are empowered to perform your duties effectively.

Cloud desktops are a growing IT solution for businesses globally. Cloud desktops are reliable, safe, and improve business efficiency and productivity overall. If you are a business in Florida and want to know more about managed IT services, contact us today to see how we can assist you.