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Business Telephone Services

ITNS provides business telephone services and telephone solutions for large and small organizations across Florida. Get a quote for a new phone system today.
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Business Telephone Services In Florida

IT Network Solutions Group has provided comprehensive managed IT solutions to businesses in west-central and central Florida for 11 years. Our services are available for small and medium enterprises involved in healthcare and law, among other sectors.

We provide experienced IT support capable of solving diverse IT issues, including hardware installation, malware filtering, disaster recovery, project planning, and cloud server backups. You can count on ITNS to maintain the peak performance of your communications and information technology systems. Our IT solutions help you optimize growth and efficiency.

Our company needed a more reliable telephone system as we were quickly growing out of the abilities of our current PBX system and when COVID hit Central Florida and forced everyone to work from home we needed a something fast. ITNS was able to get us a new phone system quickly that allowed our staff to work from home and actually anywhere remotely, plus, it is also providing us the scalability to grow over the next several years without the worry of our phone system getting in the way.

Melissa Bolton

Integrated Business Telephone Services in Florida

Enhance your business communications with our advanced software. Find local numbers from our platforms and maximize the quality of your phone calls. With comprehensive reporting functionality, you can efficiently manage all your communications. Monitor call origin, duration, and other essential metrics on the call logs and control the cost of business communications.

ITNS lets you exploit the power of data, chat, application, and voice. Our integrated business telephone services include cloud communication solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency. Your staff can easily access and share files, improving collaboration among different teams. Save on installation and maintenance and installation costs with our integrated tools.


ITNS business telephone services help organizations strengthen existing security measures. We strive to protect sensitive data and critical IT assets, providing much-needed peace of mind. Our IT specialists are well-equipped to flag and deal with threats from cybercriminals making you worry less about hacking, phishing, or ransomware.

Our services include malware and web content filtering, further reducing the risk of cyberattacks. You’ll also receive antivirus protection for servers and desktops. The idea is to ensure that we deny cybercriminals any access to vital information. These advanced security measures will build your organization’s reputation and drive value.

Business Telephone Services

Cloud Services

IT Network Solutions Group comes with valuable experience in handling enterprise-level cloud services. Tap into our established cloud infrastructure and save costs on IT infrastructure along with software and hardware licenses. Our cloud solutions improve service availability, further increasing client satisfaction.

Handling IT infrastructure can cause notable disruptions arising from mismanaged systems. Outsourcing such solutions minimizes risks and help to guarantee business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Managed IT Services

Enhance business processes with the services of an established managed IT service provider. We understand that complex tech processes can overwhelm the board. Enlisting ITNS services lets you streamline your operations without breaking a sweat.

Our specialists set out to understand your specific IT and communication needs before suggesting viable solutions. Once we assess your IT infrastructure, we set out a draft custom IT strategy to meet your needs. Our suggestions keep in mind your company’s operational objectives.

You could also request phone or onsite support for any issues with your IT workflows. With an established mantra of helping people, ITNS’ experts provide recommendations to improve your IT working environment.

We offer these services in four tiers, including the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum packages. Our other IT services include:

  • Monitored IT services
  • Cloud server backups
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Datacenter designing
  • Server and network monitoring
  • A virtual CIO
  • Routers and firewalls

Drive Value with Business Telephone Services in Florida

IT Network Solutions Group is a one-stop-shop for all your organization’s tech needs. Our business telephone services simplify cloud computing, cybersecurity, and managed IT solutions. Contact us today to make a difference in your industry.