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4 Benefits of Authy Over Google Authenticator

Losing your phone, laptop or suffering a breach or hack leaves you wondering whether your data is out there on the vast and dark internet. That is a cause for concern for most individuals because once personal information finds its way to the public, it remains out there forever.
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4 Benefits of Authy Over Google Authenticator

Losing your phone, laptop or suffering a breach or hack leaves you wondering whether your data is out there on the vast and dark internet. That is a cause for concern for most individuals because once personal information finds its way to the public, it remains out there forever.

For that reason, online security is a hot topic nowadays, and as you research how you can secure sensitive information, you will probably come across two-factor authentication. Once you decide to improve your online security and privacy using an authenticator app, some of the options you will need to consider will include Authy and Google Authenticator.

What Are Authenticator Apps?

An authenticator app is a form of two-factor authentication that adds a layer of security once you log on to enhance the security of your accounts. To use an authenticator, you need to download an authenticator app. After that, you need to sync the app with whatever account you want to enable two-factor authentication on.

Once you do so, the authenticator app gives you a code to input or a button to press for authentication purposes whenever you need to sign in to your account. Relying on the internet is not necessary depending on the authenticator app you choose, meaning that you can use such an app on the go.


It is worth mentioning that Authy works the same way Google Authenticator does. You only need to sync the app to your accounts, and after that, you will begin receiving the codes to input whenever you need to log into your account. The codes refresh after every thirty seconds, and Authy offers the same “prompts” that Google Authenticator does, which adds some level of convenience.

Google Authenticator

Ease-of-use and the simple setup procedure are some of the aspects that make Google Authenticator popular. To use the app, you start by downloading it, after which you sync the app to any of the accounts you wish to secure. That happens by scanning a QR code. The only thing is that you can only use authenticators if your account accepts authenticator apps as a two-factor authentication option.

When everything is set, Google begins generating six to eight-digit codes that refresh after thirty seconds. By inputting the code that your Google Authenticator app is currently generating, you will be able to access your account. The 30-second refreshing duration leaves a small window of opportunity for online attackers to see your code on your device, which improves your online security.

Also, the app offers a “prompt” option for particular Google services. That implies that you do not need to enter a code when you receive the prompt. You only need to confirm that you are trying to log in after typing your password, and you will be able to access your account. Your security, in this case, will not be compromised in any way since this option only serves to add to your convenience.

Benefits of Choosing Authy Over Google Authenticator

1. It Offers Multi-Device Support

If you have a new phone and need to reconnect your authenticator app or use Authy across multiple devices, the app allows you to do so through the cloud. Also, in case you lose your phone, you only need to download Authy once again to continue enjoying the service with your new or temporary device.

Most authenticator apps will lock you out of your account if you lose or get a new device. That means that re-authenticating everything will be inevitable. That is a major setback, and it explains the reason why most people opt for Authy. As such, you do not need to manually rescan each QR code for every account you use your authenticator app on when you opt for Authy.

The reason is that once you authenticate Authy, it will auto-populate the authentication codes for each of your accounts. That is an added convenience that most authentication apps do not offer, including Google Authenticator.

2. Ease of Use

Indeed, Google Authenticator is free, simple, and easy to use, as is the case of Authy. However, Authy has one significant advantage over authenticator apps from LastPass and Microsoft because you can use it on any site that supports Google Authenticator.

3. It Can Backup Your 2FA Information

The other benefit you will enjoy by using Authy is its ability to secure your information. Authy encrypts your two-factor authentication account details on the phone and secures that information with a backups password. That implies that Authy only gets an encrypted blob, and you do not have to worry about hackers who may steal everything after breaching Authy’s servers.

Immediately you install Authy after getting a new phone, your device will download the blob and decrypt it with the backups password. After that, you will access a connection to your two-factor authentication accounts instantly and automatically.

4. Offers Startup Security

Google Authenticator will start right up when you click the icon if your phone is logged in. On the other hand, you can set up Authy to require a fingerprint or PIN before the app starts up. That is an added advantage that Authty users enjoy, which is not the case for those who opt for Google Authenticator.


Currently, the weakest link for security is often the process involving resetting a password rather than the password itself. That is why online attackers do all they can to get the password for your email account. Once hackers access your mailbox, they can reset all the other passwords that require only a click on a link available in an email message.

You also need to understand that Google Authenticator will not help you reset two-factor authentication once you lose your phone. That suggests that you have to go through a lengthy sequence online or make several phone calls to establish your identity and authorize a new phone for each of your accounts. All that will not be necessary when you opt for Authy.

In a world where the risk of online attacks is on the rise, investing in the right tools is not an option. Authy is one of the resources you can consider acquiring because it will improve your online security. Book a free consultation to discover how ITNS can help with the security of your business network. If you need more information on the benefits of Authy, contact us today!